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It’s that time of year! You can smell it in the air! Cold nights and crisp mornings are starting to become more frequent. Boots, jackets, and scarves are being taken out of the winter closets. Here in Texas, we look forward to this short season of cool weather, and our hands are just itching to light up our beautiful fireplaces that adorn our living areas all year!

But Wait!!

When was the last time you had your chimney checked??  Many of us are uninformed at the responsibilities of owning a home with a fireplace. Fireplaces can become damaged, and cracked, due to foundation movement, storm damage, or general wear and tear. These cracks and damages can lead to excessive heat escaping out into the walls, turning your beautiful fireplace into a dangerous fire starter for your home! The National Fire Protection Association says to have your fireplace inspected once a year.

Please remember, just because you haven’t used your fireplace, does not mean there couldn’t be something underlying. Schedule your fireplace inspection today, and remind yourself to have it checked every year! While having your fireplace inspection done, give us a call at Creekside Risk Management. One of our agents will be happy to go over a home insurance policy that works best for you! Nothing better than warming your toes next to a safe fireplace, and with peace of mind.

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